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Calm Balm has been crafted with a 3 month old infusion of Lemon Balm + Dandelion leaf to calm both irritated nerves + skin. 


Lemon Balm is an herbal medicine traditionally used as a mild sedative to treat anxiety. Used topically, it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and helps to reduce redness and swelling of the skin. It's anti-aging properties help to aid in the reduction of fine lines + wrinkles. 


Also anti-aging, Dandelion Leaf helps to rid the skin of toxins that clog pores + cause acne. With regular use, it helps to reduce the appearance of scars. 


Combined with an aroma-therapeutic blend of essential oils, you can apply this balm to the insides of your wrists, your temples, neck + chest while inhaling deeply to help reduce anxiety or rattled nerves. 


Ingredients: lemon balm, dandelion leaf, sunflower oil, avocado oil, beeswax, lavender + eucalyptus essential oils

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