An estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste is being dumped in the world’s oceans each year, and we're ALL responsible. 

About 90% of businesses never consider their environmental impact, which is why we're in the middle of an ever growing climate emergency.

As a collective, we're so distracted with our personal lives, on top of living in a toxic consumerist, capitalist culture lacking in humanity that we forget the real threat is to our survival as a species. We want everything fast and we want it now. No matter who or what we destroy in the process. 

Everything from fast fashion to behemoth beauty brands all contribute to our declining environment. I'm not gonna get too deep here, because I encourage you to do your own research. For a little context though, it takes 2,700 liters of water to make a SINGLE t-shirt, and 22 gallons to make ONE POUND of plastic. Of the world's water, only 3% of it is freshwater that we can actually drink. There are 7 billion+ of us. Do the math. 

It's so much easier to package products in plastic. It's easily accessible and cheap! Packaging in glass and ethically sourcing materials can be expensive. At some point, sacrifices must be made. 

This is why THE BODY COVE is zero waste + plastic free. We use muslin bags for our natural soap bars, glass for our hair + body care, and biodegradable shipping materials. While I recommend you reuse these materials or recycle, I can't tell you what to do when they leave me and get to you. What I CAN tell you, is that the planet would be much better off if you did.  

It's my hope that people and other small and big businesses follow suit, stop trying to save a buck, and start trying to save the planet. Mama Earth doesn't need us, but we absolutely need her.


-Brittany Williams-McNair